The History of Alana

Alana, population of 5,840 people, is a large town. Mostly elves, humans, and halflings lives here. The town was found in the year 570 on a large mountain cliff with a waterfall surrounded trees by Alana Gurral.

Alana Gurral, 27 years old, was a beautiful lady married to a extremely wealthy guy by the name of Elric. The both of them lived together with 4 children: Maria, Tira, Majin, Leon. Alana and Elric been living on top of a huge mountain cliff ever since and together made they created a large enough town for people to start living.

The town of Alana is a very wealthy place. Items in general stores such as candy and stuff like that are extremely cheap (depending on how much of it you purchase). Weapons, armor, magic items are the most costly in Alana.

Most of the humans here aren’t friendly type people when outsiders comes to Alana, but if you are well known, they approach you differently. Bountys are posted daily in the town of Alana for people who comes into Alana and either steal stuff, murder, or anything in that particular.

On the west side of Alana is a waterfall that runs into the mountains.

In the year 624, Alana and Elric passed away leaving their childrens to adventure on there own. Only they will seek whatever lies ahead of them.

The History of Alana

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