The World of Alana

Murder on the road

As our adventurers headed into the town of Alana, they began noticing tons of people walking everywhere. It was afternoon and they headed towards the Broken Arrow Inn. Tinbrand, the owner of the Broken Arrow, offered the adventurers his finest alchohol he has. They accepted as they started drinking away. Dicca, the owner’s daughter, started to clean up the place the best she can minding her own business. Suddenly, Xavir headed over to Dicca and asked her if there are anyone here who may have some type of quests for them.

Dicca looked over to the man in the corner smoking his pipe and said to Xavir,“You see that guy over there? He might have something for you. I would go over there and have a word with him.”

Xavir, along with Tyburn, started to head over to where the guy is sitting in the corner of the Inn and sat down right beside him. The man looked up with a smirk on his face, sorta an evil looking glare and said,“Can i help you guys?”

Xavir replied back,“Well were shorta looking for some help in Alana and we were wondering if you had any quests or something that we can do.”

The man in the corner looked at Xavir and replied back,“Ah..yes there is something you two can do for me. A murderer walks the roads at night. He stoled a lot of stuff in my house and killed my wife, Miranda. I’m offering you guys 10,000 gold pieces each if you can return a necklace of hers back.”

Xavir and Tyburn looked at each other and accepted the quest. The head outside of Alana and camped till nightfall. All of a sudden, Tyburn notices that someone was coming near Alana. They pretended that they were drunk and the man wearing a black robe headed over to them and kicked Tyburn in the ribs. The man in the black robe said, “hmmm… looks like these two are dead.”

“You idiot! we’re not dead what the hell is wrong with you!?” as Tyburn tried to bash the murderer in the back of the head with a lantern, but failed to hit him. As the guy in the black robe took one stepped back and unsheath his very sharp blades, he readied himself.

Tyburn picked up a rock and threw it at him making a scratch on the man. The guy looked at Tyburn with an evil look and said, “You’ll pay for that” as he tried to attack Tyburn but failed as he fell to the ground unconcious.

Tyburn started to search the guy in the black robe to see if there was any valubles. He did, however, came across the necklace that was stolen from the guy at the Inn. So he took that and put it in his pockets, while Xavir Coup De Grau the guy and burned the body.

Early morning, the two adventurers started to head back in to town and headed back towards the Inn and notice that the guy wasn’t there in the corner. The both of them started to talk to the owner and the daughter to see if they have found out where the guy is. They have no idea, but suddenly Tinbrand asked if they have killed the murderer. They replied back that they did and Tinbrand said, “Good. Very Good”

Suddenly, the door opened as the guy who sat in the corner started walking in toward Tinbrand and handed something in a bag. He headed over to Tyburn and Xavir and asked, “Did you guys returned with the necklace?”

“I haved” as Tyburn replied back to the guy. “By the way, sorry that i didn’t say my name to you two earlier. Not the type of guy who tells my name around here, as i’m not from here. But it’s Morgin. like i promise, here’s 10,000gp”

Tyburn handed the necklace over to Morgin as Morgin looked at Tyburn and said, “Thank you… i appreciate it.”



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